Hello SIII

yeah i can have more photo to upload here again..
he got himself Samsung Galaxy SIII and the camera is awesome!
so we do not need to bring the bulky dslr every time..
check out the image quality, its great enough to post here i think
i didn’t edit the image at all its originally from the phone!  

camho picture with front camera with beauty mood..hello flawless skin and bye bye photoshop!

Topshop denim bralet, Topshop motto high waisted jean, Topshop crop tee, Bag, flat and bracelet-Bangkok
i’ve been buying Topshop a lot coz my sister who work there keep influence and tempt me everyday
luckily she’s quit and save my purse..

matching outfit with the boy
Happy 6th Anniversary!
next year we gonna celebrate wedding anniversary! oh no still cannot believe! i keep remind myself that we walk this far is not because of how hard we work in this relationship but all by God’s grace~
cherish and treasure this precious gift..
Thanks God and love you!

12 thoughts on “Hello SIII

  1. Amee: Thanks love! u're always so sweet!!

    Ketty: ya ahah 3 years d!! Thanks dear..

    Anonymous: actually im not..:P people say i look so tired..


  2. got to agree when I used to work in Topshop, I keep buying stuff from there every month! Now that I'm not working there anymore, I stop buying from there! Lol.. my purse loves me more now ^^


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