Counting Down

 is June already! we left 26 days!
last 3 weeks to get all the stuff done and prepared for the big day!!?!?! *excited and panic at the same time*
of excited.. finally we can call ourselves husband and wife.. go honeymoon,
start a brand new life stay together, seeing each other everyday, devotion together and build a family that honor God
of panic i’m leaving my parents and sibling, still lot of preparation waiting for us, scare the wedding turn out hair-wire, balancing work and wedding stuff, staying with in-laws, and how to be a good wife..hahha   
seldom brought our camera out nowadays.. and less outfit pictures.. 
i perfer the fastest and easier way take picture with phone and upload with instagram
#1 Super awesome deal we got yesterday.. got all the vintage flora prints vase, clock and stuff at real good price! so now we have a pink and girly area in our future room!
#2 at Pastor wedding, i look so mature and he look so young! how can! must be the fringe 
#3 gathering with uni friend.. shevin and lucas at Fat Boys, Publika
#4 One of the must read books for us before the marriage.. we’re attending pre-marriage course right now..very informative and very important to prepare our mindset for marriage..
#5 another favorite picture..coz he always do this to me whenever im sad or happy..
#6 invitation cards… we have another half to settle…
#7 wedding cupcakes for relatives and close friend
#8 love parcel from Korea by cousin.. i can now have full set of Laneige products, it work pretty well on me.. 
#9 recent haul.. im more interested in tropical/floral or anything prints hehe kinda bored with pastel stuff..
in case you haven’t follow me.. add me kiminpink

11 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. Time flies! U're officially MRs soon 🙂 Glad that you found a guy who are going on the same path with you, with God's leading and blessing. Blessed marriage to you, darling.


  2. Winnie:is from a member sales..

    yvonne:Thanks dear!!! u've been wishing us so many times!! y u so sweet!hehhe..u too dear, hope to hear good news from u soon!

    chee:thank dear! God bless u!

    anonymous: is from a member sales

    anonymous: thanks!!

    Anoymous: it's free we attend at our church..course lead by our pastor..


  3. May I know where u ordered the cupcakes from? It looked really good…thought of ordering some for a special event. Btw,I love your style!
    Thanks, May


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