All White

spare some times out to blog..
i miss my free time watching drama, doing nothing
my house is under renovation right now.. i can’t even have a piece of mind..
and i’m have migraine quite often nowadays, will only feeling better after vomiting, not sure if this normal?!
so i sneak out for some fresh air with the boyfriend on weekday which is very rare
as usual he’s facing the macbook and me busy camwhore..hehe
then now food time..
Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab, The Loaded Club Sandwich and B’s Chocolate Cake
loving the chemical bottle deco
i like dropy eyelash hehe..small eye obsession..
going for very simple and basic outfit and color..
full white with black accessories..
White high-waisted short with flair lining and Topshop crop tee (bf grey cardi)
This gonna be the longest fridge that i ever had..nothing much i can do with this boring hairstyle so i’m considering to cut it off..
these are all my hair style idea..Source
basically just swap here and there..hehe
favorite hair cuff  from sheabelle
end with a picture of my favorite boy
i realize i’m very emotionally especially when i’m really stress up 
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Philippians 4:4-6
Blessed weekend..

23 thoughts on “All White

  1. hi kim, i'm first time leaving comment here, do you know any reputable and good clothing wholesaler in malaysia? Thanks.


  2. so fair … snow white.. lolz..
    Kim .. saw ur “Xi Pin” 's photo…
    nice cupcake…
    mind to share where u order from ???
    thanks… urgently ..want to know .. 😛


  3. Anonymous: sorry dear i do not have any good wholesaler here in malaysia. 😦 i take my stock oversea too..

    Katie: thanks dear!

    sw: i got it from chatuchak market, bangkok..

    anonymous: i got it from wondermilk, pj..:)


  4. Pretty Kim ~

    Hope you are doing fine ~~
    nice outfit~~
    may i know what place is that ? With the lovely chemical bottle deco….nice place !! ^^



  5. Hi Kim, i really like your blog! So inspired by your creativity! 🙂 hope to see some more of your blogposts! hehe! by the way, please get the headache checked if it goes on for too long and don't work yourself too hard! God bless you too!:) -Phyllis-


  6. Moon:im fine just bit busy..:)how abt u!! thanks dear..the place is Plan B at Publika..:)

    Phyllis: hi phyllis! Thanks and will try to blog more..:)
    ill go for doctor for next attack..Thanks dear!


  7. hi kim, its actually quite normal to only feel better after vomiting especially if u have migraine. I use to have very serious case of migraine which would happen even more often when im stressed up. And it'll only get better after i vomit (sometimes even thru my nose!). I identified my trigger as coffee so i tried cutting down on coffee eventhough i love it. So perhaps you can try identifying wats urs?:) hope tat helps ya 😉


  8. Thanks for your lovely reply kim! you take your stock by yourself at oversees or order online from overseas store?


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