Minor update

There’s tons of stuff to settle for weddings
but both of us are quite busy with works..we don’t even have a weekend to sit down and discuss about the wedding stuff last whole month..
So we decide to stop taking in projects especially those that required to work on Saturday on June so we concentrate..
if i have a choice i will not have dinner banquet..that’s the most fussy part..
the seat arrangement, stage performance, “yam seng” thingy..
i want a church wedding and luncheon then we just go honeymoon right after that..it’s too late after all..hopefully we can plan something fun on that night..rather traditional drinking and makan session
 We started to give out the wedding invites but in very slow-pace 
because i forget the 喜饼 part.. i opt for cupcakes to give together with the invites..but don’t know which to go for..i’m not a fan of sugary stuff..any recommendation?

so this is the final of our invitation card
the string is to tie the location map together which also represent “tie the knot”
i’m not very happy with the envelop color..bit out..but no choice..Pantone color code always get me into trouble

the location map is printed on the tracing paper..
my mum keep convince me just print it on normal paper since people will throw it right away the wedding some more the direction is not clear..hahah which is true…but i don’t care..
our wedding favor is ready too! thanks to lovely Patty from Lullabelle Handmade
i wanted the soap be in green and yellow but i forget it’s a handmade and natural product
so we can’t add any coloring but Patty try her very best to mix the closest color for us!
Thanks so much!!

16 thoughts on “Minor update

  1. Cupcakes are da best as you can play around with the theme and colours. And its still a fad right now.. so you can't really go wrong with that! All da best! I do understand the pains of going through some wedding traditions.. but at the end of it all, it will be all worth it. 🙂


  2. I love the card so much. Very cute and suit the two of you. even as i'm reading this post, it reminds me of my own wedding in dec. We planned for church wedding too, but now we change plan. Doing the church ceremony at the hotel ballroom followed by lunch straight. Den going honeymoon for 10 days on the next day. I know that his parents might not be happy bot this plan, but come to think of it, we are the one who are paying for everything, den, let us decide. And we are the one that getting married,not others. we are the one that getting tired, not others, so, we decided to carry on with our plans. Keeping it simple, enjoy each other as a couple is more important than all the ceremony and makan stuff coz people usually dont remember all these after 10 years, but the couple will….All the best to both of you


  3. Hi Kim! Congrats :)!
    Mind to share where you have your wedding card done? It's really nice and I would like to do for my wedding too



  4. Anonymous: Thanks!

    yongzzie: ya thanks! settled with cupcake..hehe

    icebaby: good idea but elders may not like it..:(btw thanks babe!

    Felicia: hi dear i believe i replied ur mail..:)

    Anonymous: Thanks for your sharing! you're so right! the end of the day only the couple will remember this special day..ya having my dream wedding!! Congrats!!!!

    Shanee: thanks! that's a way to save money too..hehhe

    Yvonne: thanks yvonne..sure mail me!

    patty: no problem! invitation will give u when i meet u k!tqvm for the soap!!

    Lynn: hi Lynn, i designed the card and print it with my printing dealer..and tied everything ourself..:)


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