Blessed Birthday, Fiance

Picture credit to One Way Ticket
Dear Ney/Fiance/baby boy,
here another year another post dedicate to you on your birthday 2008  2010 2011
This year we are so busy with work i don’t even have time to plan your birthday or buy you a present
 i even arrange a meeting and another photo shoot today but luckily you hint me that is your birthday so cancel all the job…ended up both of us are too tired..we both head to our own house to rest and there goes your birthday..gone..
hahha..i’m a bad fiancee i know but what to do you have no choice and no turning back already..
but from the bottom of my heart.. i really thankful and blessed to have you in my life
six years neither long nor short time but each year we went thru with the grace of God..
 i don’t know what to buy for you but the 1st thing i would wish to give it as ur present this year is to learn to control my temper and less emotional..* i promise*

Thanks for you’re forever supportive and patient with me.. always follow me to meeting at night, spend your precious weekend with me for work and drive me here and there for props hunting 
without you i should have quit doing freelance..
you are my backbone

Blessed Birthday my dear! wait for my surprise k!:)
Love you~

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