Bid farewell to lovely ketty
she is heading back to Sabah..not sure when will us meet again~
but i promise ill try to make available for you whenever you are here!
we know each other thru blogs its amazing, i enjoy sharing and talking with this sweet little girl!
even my bff think she is sweet!
some photos taken during our dates~
All the best my dear~ you’re so near (not oversea) yet so far..
i’m pretty sure you will be doing pretty good there~God bless you, Ketty!
miss you already~
  people please support Ketty’s Fashion Letter, pre-order pretty stuff now!

okie outfit meeting ketty for lunch
coral crop tee BACI, yellow skinny ZARA, flat Taiwan

i just got back from Bangkok with mummy and sisters, tho i fall sick again in the trip but i still manage to grab as many stuff as i could.. stay tune to Reverie update!
Thanks God for this trip coz i treasure my mum even more! when i fall sick she have to searching for pharmacy to get medicine for me check out my conditions throughout the trip..
Everything happen for a reason or lesson God want us to learn, before heading for the trip i felt guilty and uneasy coz i have missed choir presentation on Good Friday and Easter services at church, but because of this i realize the responsibility being a Choir member and the passion of presenting the hymns from heart before God
hope you have a great Easter Day remembering Jesus offered his life on the cross—suffering for all.

7 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. OMG! I look super round like a ball in all pictures! :X i'm so touch to see this post and really thank God that He placed u in my life. Shall keep in touch and pls come and visit KK when u're free 😀 Miss you!


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