Mint + Yellow= Love

A simple shooting at the boyfie’s room (my future room) 
we transfer all the props from our wedding theme into the room 
since we going for white and simple furniture so we can keep changing the theme for the room
surprisingly the lighting is not bad
loving my hair here..look so healthy~
wearing Zara mint sweater and Zara pale yellow skinny
i need a little help here!
since i can have only 1 color for my invitation’s envelop..i cant decide which to go (ya i know i have only 2 color)

What you think? mint or yellow?

24 thoughts on “Mint + Yellow= Love

  1. your furniture and outfit which blend very well..i am interested where did u find the pillow case, bedsheets..props..from?diy with wad kind of material?where are your inspirations from?


  2. Although both are equally beautiful colors, I would say mint simply because it can stand out on it's own. Your attention is drawn to the details and wording more whereas yellow becomes a tad hard to see! p.s. the colors of your future room are so fun and happy, love it! 🙂


  3. sweetiegem: hi thr!
    those pillow cases and bedsheets you can simply get it from department store like metro jaya or jusco or pakson! lotsa color to choose from!! the brand we choose is Friven & co
    as for the props most of them are vintage finds.. 🙂

    Sparks In Spring:thanks dear!

    Moon: high five!

    anonymous: thanks~hahha indeed im happy~

    Trinie:thanks Trinite!

    patty: quantity too little only can print 1 color..:(

    Chloe: thanks chloe!

    Tina:Thanks Tina!! for your elaboration!!you're so right!!!

    San: yeah!

    bee: thanks pretty! haha hair color is the lighting effect..

    Ping: alright!

    Nic: i create them in illustrator and print them my self!

    Wen: hahha..they do not allow both color..coz my quantity too little…the dress will be in the invi cards~~


  4. dearie… i missed this envelope decision =(… finally can hav time to rest from unfinish-able work…looking forward to my holiday next week n u freee for taitai day? btw, i like the mint envelop more… n love these pics so much. u look gorgeous n ur room look comfortable too. c u n missing u =)


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