Album Release & Play

上个星期去了Grace Wong 第一张单曲 <>的发布会

Last week was invited to attend Grace Wong first debut << Sunny Heart >>launch


She’s very pretty and slim in person!
she work very hard for her dream and she did it and own her 1st album
of coz with she is lucky coz she have a supportive family

1st time attend event lonely..
and my 1st time experience how journalist asking those intense question

蛮喜欢她干净 单纯 的歌声..特别是这首
i love her clean and pure voice..especially this song

click to listen a little sneak preview of her song…
Like her page here: Grace Wong
For those who love to watch play..
and here a play Corporal PUNishment tells the man’s epic quest in search of the cure to order and seriousness by releasing the primordial pandemic that will change the(ir) world forever.
If you love being PUNished one way or another, this is the show for you. (Fun not intended)
Genre: Comedy
11th April (Wed) Opening Preview @ 8.38pm
12th – 14th April @ 8.38pm
15th April @ 3.33pm matinee
Venue: Pentas 2, klpac
Tickets: RM33:Adult / RM23: (TAS card, UNHCR card, Student & The Disabled)
(All prices inclusive of RM3 handling fee)
Preview @ 11th April – Flat rate RM23

Pre-wedding behind the scene next post~

One thought on “Album Release & Play

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