Markets @ Jaya One 5: Mitsubishi Carboot Challenge Vendor

We had a wonderful experience taking part in Mitsubishi Carboot Challenge Vendor
so grateful that Reverie chosen to be one of the six vendor..
we were ask to decorate the new Mitsubishi Crossover ASX to represent our brand

So i bring whatever i had for my pre-wedding photo shoot few day before the event to decorate our booth

finally found this vintage briefcase in mint color!!! with super good deal!!!
since the car beside us is in red so we have a red corner for clearance too~
another set of probs from my wedding shoot as well..hehe


i’m wearing topshop jean bralet, Reverie Tribal Print short , loafer from Jaspal
like our booth? vote us *here*
and check out photo on the Thatch below!
will update on my pre-wedding photo shoot soon!

14 thoughts on “Markets @ Jaya One 5: Mitsubishi Carboot Challenge Vendor

  1. Cheyenne: thanks dear! yeah i super love the briefcase!! super great bargain!

    anonymous: thanks!

    aMee: is in the midst of post production!

    S型 • 樱戈子: ya next time! rmb to find me k!

    joanna: nop dear all sold out..


  2. where to get the mint briefcase??and those vintage type writer…. i would like to hv one for my decor of up coming wedding..hope can c ur reply soon.


  3. Anonymous: Mid Valley while its on 80% sales

    Anonymous: i thrift it from vintage bazaar last year..a stall by a Malay guy..type writer is friend's own


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