Zen Korea BBQ – Ampang

our valentine celebration start 2 weeks ago with korea bbq lunch with boyfriend..
at Zen Korean BBQ, Ampang

loving the ambient there, not those traditional feel but very modern korean-cafe-style
my current favorite bag and new phone pouch

gift exchange..:)
finally got a instax! just in time for our room’s photo wall area
and i got him a watch..
outfit of that day
Nude knitted sweater (Topshop), peterpan sheer top wear as inner, polka dot skort (UDC)
my hair was so messy and dry here.. i went touch up the root and treatment last week
and say hi to great hair~

here come another hectic weekend..
im planning to switch skin care product, any suggestion?? anyone using Laneige? or any other good brand to intro? 
Take care~

18 thoughts on “Zen Korea BBQ – Ampang

  1. I'm currently using Laneige product, darling.. It has been more than 2 years I use their product. Laneige have different range of product and you have to look for the one that suitable your skin type. My skin is combination, inner of my skin is dry but the outer is oily, thus I need to add more “water” to my skin. Currently, I'm using the water bank series, I also using their sleeping mask – not bad also. For the eye cream, I'm using the perfect renew series, it has day and night cream one. I have use this for more than 1 and half year. It is not really oily and don't really cause any 油粒 on my eye area.

    You should try Laneige. They always have promotion and you will get many free gift as well when you purchase their product. 🙂 Hope this info is help.


  2. bee:hahha i really need that treatment always at saloon can cost me a bomb..gonna check that out today!

    anonymous: my bf got it..:)

    anonymous: im using canon 550


  3. hello is me again.
    Im currently using Back to Nature product for skin care. not bad I can say. you can check it out at FB Back to Nature / website / the best to their shop. one of it located at the mines and time square (:


  4. I love Origin, I bought the basic Dr. Weil set + charcoal mask and drink up mask, total less than rm500, with free samples product, and I am using it now for no.8days, i can see good changes on my skin. Really become better and clearer.
    Btw, you should try Kitsui Collagen drink, u can get from SASA, with rm68.80/box/10 bottles. The sales gal encourage me to take 2 box, as first box daily per bottle, and after that 3days per bottle. And I really feel my face is much better with pores smaller and skin are more juicy. =)


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