Thanks for all the voting!! hope these set of pictures do not disappoint you girls
it was a random shoot by the boyfriend at a random saturday afternoon
i brought few set of clothes with me and we go around housing area near our new place
and found this desert-like space beside a busy road its kinda match with the Galaxy Tee 
so here you go~
i love how raw file works! i can easily change the color and mood of the pictures~
sorry that i look angry/moody/upset in most of the picture because of the weather! since its a deserted place..there’s no trees, shade or anything i can hide from the sunlight while checking out the pictures
The only picture i took the only green in desert..
 #footstep #desert

Hope you enjoy these pictures..:) personally i love how different this series of pictures turn out..
hope you don’t feel disappointed with your votes ya~
Thanks for ney for all the pictures, effort and time!! i’m so grateful to have a personal photographer like you that wiling to spend so much time with me, doing research day before and so patient with such a bad-temper ugly model like me..haha

some random update on my wedding preparation..i just confirm my make up artist! for both pre wedding and actual day! after searching for like 4 months~ finally i’ve settle this part which is very important for me..
other than that my pre-wedding shoot scheduled on end of this month.. hopefully my last gown can be deliver on time
in total i have 2 white gowns (actually i do not know what should i do with extra 1 coz ill only wear one of them in church services)
2 theme gowns ( i have my main color theme and another theme for fun)
1 dinner gown that i got from last bkk trip..which now i find it rather casual for dinner reception..How! the boyfriend is going to kill me!haha coz the most costly gown is the dinner gown..weird right?

as for the room part –almost completed! main furniture are settle, bed, wardrobe, computer desk..and the dressing table’s design are sent for custom made.. the boy is going to have his own sweet single time in the room for 3 aunty say he should sleep on the floor rather than the new bed 1st..but we have no ‘bantang’…:D

February gonna be an intense month to me! work hard! no more delay job, no more late reply, no more wasting time!

Thanks God such a blessing life i have right now flexible time, considerate family, lovely boyfriend/fiancee (still not use to this new term), super sweet church mate and cute friend around me!
i’m truly blessed!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
James 1:17

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