My 2012

2012 is going to be a very exciting year for me!
a big change & new challenge
1. busy with wedding preparation although we haven’t start any yet pre-wedding shoot on feb, invitation card design and printing on march, guest list, banquet food testing, both family meeting, and the list goes on and on.. btw of all the stuff we’ve only complete the honey moon booking part, settled with flight, villa, and itinerary..hahaha..
2. another 6 month ill be somebody’s wife, somebody’s daughter-in-law *nervous* but i’m still staying very near to my mum’s place i can kacau her everyday no worries no homesick
3. new project One Way Ticket with buddies, hope this plan work well..
4. Furniture shopping have to be done asap..:( i just can’t decide on big stuff! we had been visit a lot of furniture gallery since december but those are the typically furniture shop selling almost-the-same thing..any suggestion for any nice furniture gallery?
5. Healthy lifestyle plan, eat healthier, more exercise, sleep earlier and be a water tank..
just done a women screening last week, Thank God nothing gone wrong another pre-marriage blood test next month
and more i’m too sick to think~
off for a nap after medicine..
Take care my dear don’t fall sick like me 😦

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