One Way Ticket

to us
Marriage= permanent =no turning back
so this name work well with the the whole concept
One Way Ticket

we’re planned this for quite sometimes ago
until recently the 1st photoshoot completed!
really Thanks God all the perfect timing!
we got to borrow the gown from sis Ailing, we got to know Lydia and julian at the same times
and surprisingly they are wiling to be our model although they are getting married soon!
we focus on concept styling to create uniqueness of your pre-wedding photography
we have the same vision of compiling of the stories of each couple on the set
so the photos are more personalize and close to themselves
Our Photographer is my bestie Shuwan from studio
 she always open to try up new things 
and ill be doing concept, styling and make up 
our package also include video! we have videographer as well to record the moment and the movement
and compile it as Pre-wedding music video
We do not know how far can we go..
but all we have is faith and follow God’s path~
whether it turn out to be successful not we surrender to God
 just as what Lydia said: have faith and keep going

9 thoughts on “One Way Ticket

  1. Ketty: Thanks dear for being so supportive!! ya we just reopen the site

    Yvon: Thanks Yvon! ya u too jia you k!

    Bee: heheh bee boleh also! we hope when you getting marry we are still thr to shoot you!


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