Monochrome outfit

i’am in love all the monochrome outfit..
so easy to mix and match
Zara leather shoulder tweeted top
Reverie leather short
Reverie grid sweater (taking order now!)
Reverie leather short

Reverie Cat Embroided Collar Dress wear as top
Love Liberty gold foil short
outfit to church 
Reverie velvet highwaist pant
when i tied my hair meaning im kinda bored with it already!
time for new hairstyle..any suggestion?

i’m addicted with this eyeliner style just start from end part of the eye
easy and fast!

mesh top
Reverie pu leather short in white

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Her Wishlist X Clear Clutch

Let me show you my current favorite items!!!
Clear Crystal clutch from Her Wishlist
clutch have been very common these day you can basically bring it casual shopping or smart dinner
an outstanding clutch is somewhat kinda hard to find…
but i’m sure this gonna stand out!! my love at 1st sign! i didn’t manage to contact Sharon (the owner) of Her wishlist when i first saw her posting this in her instagram 
It has been showcased in Valentino S/S 2013 fashion show *LINK*
when im finally free to prompt her regarding this was 2 day before my dinner coz my outfit kinda plain i need something special to bling out the whole outfit
but too bad i was late.. it was all reserved and luckily one of the buyer back out she decided to gift it to me!!of coz i also paiseh to accept till we make a deal that i also gift her some clothes ..

is a pieces of art by itself..the hander is removable i love the combination gold chain and leather..
the material is not those thin, cheap acrylic but very fine and with a little weight
so you wouldn’t feel bring a light plastic box.. 
time to show off your nice purse and phone case!!
hahha tho malaysia is not very safe but bring it to dinner or gathering shouldn’t be a problem..
seriously love it..i place it on my shelf when i’m not using it as display haha..crazy not..
the bag come with a dust bag and plastic nicely sealed on both sided
that’s me in my very plain outfit..
black peplum tube INF
shimmer short Reverie
pump H&M

it really do help to add a little sparkling into the whole coordinate right?
that’s me posing happily with my crystal clear clutch!!
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Starting from 21st December 2012 till 31st December 2012!!!

Merry Christmas!

Today marked the first day that ming fly to taiwan for work
ill be all alone.. i really salute those who can sustain LDR ..we just can’t!
on normal day we chat online on office hour call each other in between.. 
we spend all our weekend together, we just can’t be apart..we depend on each other so much
when i send him off in the airport this morning i cry weak right?haha
the last time we apart was 3 years ago he was away to India for 3 month training
this round he will be away for 1 month or to be exact is 2 week coz ill be joining him later due to one way ticket photo shoot..yeah~
I believe God has his own plan for everything, there must be a lesson behind this
at least now we know every apart show us how much we love and need each other 
today gonna be the last day i see him this year! haha drama right
see you next year my dear~
 tho i do not have my husband with me in this festive season
i still have my friends, church members and family..
hope you have a great time spending with your loved ones

Merry Christmas to you in advance!
God bless you~