Another 3 days! 2011 come to the end~
2011 is treating me very well!
Best of all! 

the new word “Fiancé”enter into my dictionary
get involve in everything related to wedding

Second best thing~
Visit taiwan!

would love to visit taiwan again next year~

 Best number 3
Being freelancer for more than half a year!

i’m really Thankful to God that i still survive until today~
i’m amaze how He provide! whenever i’m insufficient there will always be job
all depend on Faith~
i might have my own office soon!hehe..
Best number 4
my second family!
the choir members, we are like a big family
we always spend every sunday together!!
another best thing!
we’re marching into 5 and half year~

 thanks for being so caring and considerate

the current hot activities of us is to go for a walk after dinner at the park
haha sound so old.. and we will end our walk with prayers~
pray for people around us, for family and ourselves

Hope you have a great 2011 and let’s look forward for another awesome year ahead!
Happy New Year in advance~
because i know i would blog so soon!

5 thoughts on “#2011bestmoment

  1. 2011 has treating u really well! Oppsss.. I should say, God is be with u and treating u really well and u're obedient and following HIS path. I feel ur happiness. All the best to u and have a great 2012 ahead! Happy New year Kim 🙂


  2. You're doing really good in your freelance! I love the work you've done for us! Happy new year to you! Wish we have the chance to work with you again



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