My Wedding Gown

my wedding gown illustration
Toga bow with natural waist ballerina ball gown for photo shoot session
Slim-line lace grown for church ceremony
actually i worry i can’t carry the slim line gown well coz I’m short..:(
but i want something classic and proper for church 
i have another short gown for photo shoot too..but the top part of the dress is not settle yet..

Wearing Contrast Collar knitted top, berry trousers

Christmas and new year is around the corner! what’s your plan?
we will have a event coming saturday at tropicana mall~ free gift wrapping, christmas carols and gifts
and a talk next monday at PGRM by Pastor Steven Tong 
gonna be a happening month! 

19 thoughts on “My Wedding Gown

  1. Bearly:thanks dear

    Sparks in Spring: ya exactly! and its so fitted! supper love this top~

    Cheyenne: Thanks sweetie!

    Anonymous: really? i cant wait to tried them~

    Joli: Thanks girl!

    Kylie: dear you can too..:) attend church Christmas event!

    Amee: Thanks so much!


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