Wardrobe Crisis

i always wardrobe crisis especially on special occasion 
to be exact dinner and wedding 
i seldom buy dress or anything formal
i’m a last minutes person i will only shop if the event is close like tomorrow!?! haha..
till recently im so fed-up with myself
i brought a dress and a top online for a wedding yesterday and it suppose to delivered on Friday
but no one at home to receive it …*scream*
and it was too late to do last-minute shopping~~
i spend my whole morning having war with my wardrobe..and this is not the first time!
told the bf im gonna buy anything i saw is nice from now on dun stop me! i dun care!
do you mind share with me which stores do you most often hit up for last-minute clothes to wear for special occasion?
ok back to normal outfit

loving the black swan on the collar! cute no?

Crop Black Swan Collar shirt-made in Korea (SOLD OUT)
highwaist pant-Bangkok

Contrast Collar Blouse- Reverie , polka dot skort-Ugly Duckling
accompany dear kelly to test and choose her gown for her pre-wedding shoot at bridal house
one of my white gown will arrive 2 week later another one will need another 1 month to custom made..!!! what kinda wedding gown you think i go for? any wild guess? will share it in my next post
am now looking for wedding heels and accessorize to match

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