movie night out

Normal movie night out with ney
Maxis Movie is love!! we now purchase movie ticket all in half price only!
although movie ticket is not expensive but this save a lot..
my house’s internet was down that i was force to bring lappie out to complete my work before dinner..i still find its really bring out 😦
and i’m still looking for a nice fitted bag for it..any suggestion where can i find new laptop bag?
going for really comfy sweater and short..for movie
i always wear pant for movie coz i love to sit cross-legged, no choice i have short leg
and i dun like my leg to hanging middle in the air..
Stripe sweater & velvet brown short: : coming soon @
you might realize sometimes i post some pieces from Reverie but you nvr found on the site
coz its sold out before i can publish at Reverie..
btw thanks so much~ love you!
while waiting for 那些年。。to be show is so good!
Reverie Winter Collection update tomorrow~

6 thoughts on “movie night out

  1. Misa: Thanks dearie..:)

    Sparks in Spring: no dear i think my hair stop growing! forever this length! *Panic*

    Siangtling:the song is Love oh Love by Davinci ya..

    su ann: thanks dear i've check that out and wonder should i get it online or whr..:)

    tan: dear got it from taiwan ya..


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