we’re all grown up

trying out new hair style..
i feel bored with long hair already..nothing much i can do with it..
i have this strong urge to cut my hair this short!

this is so cute and unique..

but i have to control i dun wan to look a boy in my wedding.

 the 711 reunion..
finally we manage to meet again..and again left out shuwan who was out station..

and tommy and his girlfriend..

with ney 
is time to cut your hair my dear..is a too long!

we all love gong cha! 奶盖is the best~

Alexis for dessert

enjoy time updating each other with life
hope to have this gathering more often~
we’re all grown up! so miss the time we do all the crazy stuff in uni..

13 thoughts on “we’re all grown up

  1. Jacy:Thanks dearie, haha nope im holding back but i might only cut it after my wedding..:P might cry also..hahha

    Sparks in Spring:Thanks Dear! thanks for dropping by~

    ashley: miss you but u nvr back in physical! haha

    chenelle:haha thanks dear will only do that after my wedding:P

    Anonymous: hi i got that shoe from taiwan~

    Chloe: temporary ya i perm it with hot curler

    Beverly: i dun hv the courage now..but next year i think 😛 i think you will look cute and refresh in short hair too..

    Joyce: 🙂

    Anonymous: yup he is..:)

    Cheyenne: thanks pretty~

    Anonymous: Hi dear..no i have a big pimple that day:( btw hello to you here~i wun bite can say hi next time k..:)


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