AZORIAS x Pink October

After growing older i pay more concern on my health
remember my post here i was having panic attack about my health after meeting my insurance agent
she gave me a short brief of common women diseases, that freak me out..seriously
make me realize its time to take care and aware of my heath..
will be doing my body check end of the year..:)
women have too much stuff to worries..agree no?

AZORIAS is working with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) for 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month the “Pink October”
These are the pink message of the month!
1) From 18 onwards, do a monthly breast self-examination
2) From 25 onwards, go for a clinical examination by a medical professional
3) From 40 onwards, go for a mammogram
spread this message out to all women, ladies, girls around you!
Breast Cancer is such a common disease for ladies nowadays~ i have a close relative who suffer from breast cancer few years back who is now recover because she discover it at early stage
*Thanks God*

so what you’re waiting for?
i’m gonna have my clinical examination soon! what about you?


 Azorias also running a fun contest to raise awareness of this campaign

 they want you girls to go PINK for this month, post any picture of anything pink you’re wearing (even if it’s nails or lipstick!) at Azorias’s Facebook with this tagline: 
I am wearing pink today, what about you? I support Pink October
wearing:crop top and flair skirt from Reverie  
Fairisle sweeter and patch skinnies coming soon in Reverie

Anyone who posts will get a 10% discount voucher, and at the end of the month,Azorias will pick the favorite picture, and the winner gets one PINK outfit of her choice from their website!
 spread the words together and share your pink pictures with Azorias 

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