Another year older~

been dealing with lot of codding this week..
its a rather an addictive job if compare to designing..
because i just can’t stop trying and trying,preview and preview
until i forget to eat and go washroom..
codding really gives great satisfactory especially when a site from nothing to something client not a IT graduate so i require more time to explore and learn..
well today..erm should be yesterday to be exact my birthday.. i spend my whole day sitting in front of pc 
doing and rushing my job..
i realize that when i grow older birthdays seem to be less special
its a date that remind you that you’ve grow a year dun like it! hehe

but the bf still bring me out for dinner..
playing around with the famous mustache ring..
we’re giving away this ringsSss for the lucky Reverie supporter on our next collection~


and tonight my bestie shuwan and fai appear with cake..:)
thanks so much for the dropping by~
they are really close friend of ours..we share life and serve together at church
   and my boyfriend or should i call him fiancé
thanks dear for the arrangement
Thanks God for them..:) 
i wish i can draw closer to God and continue longing for His word
this would be my last ‘single’ birthday, today next year i will having another identity although bit unbelievable 
but i believe everything will goes according to God plan..
without Him ill not have the gut to step up and chase for my dream..
i’m truly blessed throughout this quarter of life 
 Thank you dear Heavenly Father
chiffon batwing dress, vintage bag, heel from bkk
love this bag vy much especially the buckle part..its so antique and big enough to put lotsa stuff..:)

11 thoughts on “Another year older~

  1. Hello Kim. I'd like to ask what application or software you're using to edit your photos? I like the color and effect of it. And may I know normally where you purchase your apparels? Good taste you have =)


  2. jam: hi dear i use photoshop's action to edit all my pictures..:)my apparel are purchase anywhere and everywhere..:) hhaha i know its not a good ans but there's no specific place/boutique i often visit..i just buy anything i think is nice ya..

    Selena: hehe order for you d..

    anonymous: the batwing we are selling soon in Reverie and vintage bag are taking orders~

    Shermaine: Thanks dear..:) just acting cute..i dun wanna grow old~

    Joyce: thanks dearie

    Joslyn: hi dear so so so sorry coz i really cant cope with so many thing but ill back on track soon..i promise..:)

    sancherian: we are taking order for that yo

    Evangeline: thanks sweetie! thanks for always support Reverie!

    Rainbow: hi dear we are taking order for the bag email me for detail..


  3. Hi Kim! would it be possible for you to do a hair tutorial? really like your hairstyle here but i have problem finding tutorials. ):


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