My favorite…

 of coz my top favorite is Shopping!
but nowadays i focus more on buying stock for Reverie

wu-fen-pu Taiwan a must visit place for all girls who visit Taiwan..
but i dunno why i cant get much stuff from there..:(
and travel! i hope i can go travel at least twice a year..:)
and last hobby to be with my boyfriend..:)
he is my best travel & shopping partner~ he will carry stuff for me give me advise and do record on what i’ve spend or buy! he is my personal financial controller too..hahah
many of the girls ask where i stay during my stay at Taipei
this is the hostel..:) reasonable price, convenient (walking distance to Taipei Station) and most important CLEAN!
台北橙舍 [ Taipei Backpackers – Taipei Main Station Branch ]
台北市太原路11巷14號2樓   [台北捷運地下街Y9出口 ;台北車站走路三分鐘]  
and my new favorite gong cha..
i perfer gong cha than chatime maybe i love tea.. and specially love the milk creamer ~
wearing maroon sheer outer wear Sungai Wang, Topshop vest, BKK vintage highwaist short
so bored with this envelop clutch d..
hope i can get nicer one in BKK this weekend~
yes im heading there again for my annual buying trip..
do stay tune for our live shopping session at Reverie!
ill share with you what i brought for myself there~

oh ya im looking for make-up artist..please share with me if you know any~

check out our wedding blog although nothing much there
but we will update soon

4 thoughts on “My favorite…

  1. I'm going to Taiwan also!!!! my bro gonna open his first even concert there! small concert la btw…haahahah n i love the kitty restaurant!

    will await for your update dear :)) exciteDDDD!!!


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