Random by Topic


i had a very good times spending with friends and family this holiday
specially miss the day we stay up late for pillow talk no matter how tired or how early the event start next morning..we will still stay up late for girls talk

had very good sharing sharing session…

Thanks God..


i complete my portfolio blog! Here

visit to check out what have I’ve created throughout the years

if you happen to need my services please do not feel hesitate to contact me ya

Future Territory

as for us we started our room designs and construction ..as we are staying the parents.. we are given 2 rooms and private bathroom

although i always wanted to own a house..but we choose to obey the family and we have more time to save more for our future house..hehe..win win situation also right.

Wedding preparation

we have exactly 10 month to do the preparation,as we gonna conduct our own pre-wedding photo shoot with the help of our bestie..so im have to buy/ custom made my own wedding gowns but till now i have no idea yet 😦 ideas are everywhere..

for now the wedding color scheme is set as below~

refreshing, clean, vintage and young..:)

but i’m a fickler minded person so i might change the concept board from time to time.


just can’t get enough of pale/pastel look..

i found comfortable with it, i have less outfit photo nowadays..seldom go out for shopping

i gotta save for my shopping trip this month..*wink*

but this is more of a sourcing trip, sourcing for Reverie and wedding props~

wearing lace back blouse, flora legging and shoes from taiwan..:)


too free at home..so i took out my rings out for macro photo shoot
i realize i love to shoot small stuff..:) coz i can easily set up backdrop for it..

oh ya visit Shopper Platform a new platform for you to resell your impulse purchase

and we just got our new stock for Reverie! we smell ‘fall’ so strong this collection!!stay tune next week!

13 thoughts on “Random by Topic

  1. Love ur clutch, Kim~ u got it from Taiwan? =)
    I feel so happy when reading ur blog everytime.
    I want decorate my room too but dont have time so I give up.. (just postpone until new year eve only do it)Lol~
    Must share ur wedding photo with us ya! *expect expect* hehe..


  2. deaR Kimkim… i have addicted to ur blog d,u r so talented,creative n sincere…I enjoyed each time we meet. love u so much=)
    OuR deaR Heavenly Father has planned us the best Life for us,enjoy it n Jia U!


  3. Evangeline: nope dear i got that clutch sometimes ago from old blossom thanks so much sweetie for your compliment..
    sure will share with you ya!

    kiki: thanks kiki 🙂 thanks for dropping by

    bee: harlo pretty bee..thanks ya! miss talking to you..:)

    anonymous: yup but it would be next year ya..thanks so much!

    esther: esther si micheal! haha so happy to see you here..ya i love seeing you, you always bring joy and laughter to people around you…i always secretly tell ming that i really love your personality and thanks God for knowing you!

    yes ya let's enjoy what God had planned for us! 🙂 hug~


  4. dear kimkim n ur mingming:
    u2 make me paiseh d… btw,thanks alot.haha~ i m not that nice,but i m learning as u do… n u all is my dong4 li4 of travelling back every weekend~ Love u much much much xP happy i can meet u soon


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