Being Tourist!

Lavendar Farm @ Nei Wan

worth visit place..

but travel from Taipei by public transport might take half day to reach..

Its a very dreamy farm..i don’t mind second visit..

its really windy and refreshing since located in the mid of the mountain area

my 1st time seeing lavender itself..and there’s a cafe in the farm

the entrance is around NT400 per person if im not mistaken

you can get back the same amount of coupon meaning you can buy their products or eat at their cafe using the coupon..i think its kinda brilliant idea

we have our afternoon tea there..

simple tea set with cheesecake, fruits and salad and a lavendar soda drink which i thought i was drinking toilet detergen..hehhe maybe is my problem..

along the street they have vy cute station here and there

they a guy angel providing lavender tea testing, and stall or shop selling lavender related products..

love the whole concept of the farm…

they even sell pinic basket (of coz filled with food) for those who wish to picnic in the garden! so cute!

so dreamy and relax.. too bad my photographer hasn’t reach if not ill have more photo here..:)


地址: 新竹縣尖石鄉嘉樂村嘉樂130號

營業時間: 週一~週五 10:30am~6:30pm
例假日 10:00am~7:00pm


and now we head to 淡水

yeah boyfriend is here…style shot hehe

scallop edge vest, white vest, flora legging and pink flat all from Taiwan

i would not go taiwan this season so so hot everywhere! all my whitening effort before that was not a umbrella person but i was force to buy and bring one everywhere i go..

淡水 have a few tourist spot and we spend whole day there..


basically a normal bridge that named lover bridge..

we found a place high tea again.. i wanted to go the one with Mediterranean theme but too bad have to wait another 1 hour for seats..

so we choose this..

very colorful cake

awesome cold drink in the hot summer

Mackay Church.. The first church in Taiwan..

and the very famous 淡江中学

and being typical tourist and of coz act young..hehe

along the street..

this very very nice pepper pie..its so nice..

At night we had our first hot spring at 阳明山

coz it was too late we just simply choose this very traditional one

and we choose personal package..:) 1 person per hour for only NT300

i think quite worth..

okie i have lack of description to goes with the images..

but i believe pictures tell the stories

its long weekend! what is in your plan?

i’ll attend church camp..:) enjoy this holiday with the big family

Selamat Hari Raya for Muslim dolls

and Happy holiday to the rest~

God bless you~


4 thoughts on “Being Tourist!

  1. This trip is really meaningful isn't it? I still can't get over the surprise of the trip! haha But I think Taiwan is really a place worth visiting! So many attraction! The afternoon tea looked extremely tempting!:P


  2. beautiful photos~ make me want to go back Taiwan again! so sunny~ but yea my bf went there before during summer and he swear he will never go Taiwan during summer again, haha!

    it'll be better if your photos are slightly bigger 🙂 can see more clearly, just my humble opinion.

    enjoy your raya holiday! 😉


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