Catch up..

So many many stuff to catch up..

friends, mails, event and work

still yet to have the mood to start work on my!?!so lazy

okie put aside all those stuff..met ping today for brunch

she is leaving Singapore for new job! so happy for her..

i’m so thankful to know her thru kiminpink, and we started to meet up for shopping and meal

take care my dear you’re so near yet so far..:)

i believe you can adapt to the new life there very soon

whole outfit for sales!

kinda love this top..but i got another similar one from taiwan..:( so i decide to let go

and this short with one side button a little curvy design at the front part..

gotta make way for new anyone interested to get the short or top email me k!

Sorry all both top and bottom are sold out 🙂

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