Hello Holiday..

this time im going with brother rather than bf or sister or friend
gonna be longest trip ever and really different experience..
hope everything will go according to plan..*pray hard*
haha although we din plan much..
but i’m sure ill come back recharge and thankful to God!
this blog is gonna be idle for more than 2 weeks..:(
ok a post before i start my vacation

went for furniture shopping with ney ney
getting ideas and concept from Ikea..for his future room..:)

matching curtain for me!haha
after weeks of referencing and research
i still prefer all white furniture, deco and reno!

lace top, topshop short with eyelet trimming, crochet flat
i look like wearing pajamas no?hehe
good for furniture shopping what..and one thing i dun like abt this short its get crumple so easy!
i need portable iron when i wear this short..btw is this thing actually exist?hehe

trying new curly style..im still not good at it..:(

crochet flat and my favorite ring..:)
i realize most of my rings/accessories are either heart shape or something abt love..
alright dearie~
hope you have a great week!
God bless you~

12 thoughts on “Hello Holiday..

  1. Sandy: sorry dear I actually finished edit the video but no time to upload and share. Special guest: is that you mr Sean?haha u still rmb me.. So touching!! Yrnny: thanks sweetie! GBU too~


  2. Joyce: Thanks Joyce!
    Wong Lo Kat: who say i dun rmb u everytime i saw u in 711 remind me of you~~

    hyoyi and wern: that crochet flat is from cotton on ya 🙂



  3. Wah.. now im called Wong Lo Kat?! lol. i never go 7 eleven with you before also.. near our old office got no 7-Eleven -_- lol


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