Perfect Jeans

i seldom wear/bring
..bracelet..slipper..shoulder bag..full dress..maxi
and jeans!
unless i’m force too if not i prefer to wear short coz i look short and fat in most the jeans..
what about you? what you seldom or do not wear?

but i did until i got this favorite purchase last month!
this pair of jean match almost all my new top~

the join stitching line in between that do magic!
its go all the way down in the middle create illusion that i look 10cm taller..hehe

contrast collar is love no?…never enough
sorry the last post of my shelves contrast top, its all sold out before i can post it in Reverie..
sorry for those who waiting for it to be on rack

spending quiet Saturday noon at Poco is perfect leisure

this top match poco so much..:)

say hi to my number 1 reader hehe..

my very supportive boyfriend..

i will be oversea next week until end of July
hope i get nice nice stuff back from this trip..
cheers pretties~

12 thoughts on “Perfect Jeans

  1. Arrr~~ Love ur top! Last time I couldn't grab any stuff in your shop! I'm so sad~ Now i'm looking forward to ur new goodies! *excited* (>___< )
    Have a nice trip! Have fun ya! Hehe.. =D


  2. oh myyyyy God! my sentiments exactly! i avoid pants like the plague! hahahahah lovely lovely colors, babe!

    im going to KL on september, and just by looking at your fotos makes me wanna go there sooner!

    and i love that foto with the halo and angel wings ^^




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