Hectic Week

Hello monday~
been really hectic last week..finally i have time to sit down and plan my to do list for this following days before i off for my backpack trip..
Chic pop was great as usual..met and talk to lotsa cute and friendly seller this time
we’re not so much of competitor but friends with something in common..

go shopping on weekdays~woohoo
weekend are always filled with job this month
and ney’s family new business just started so he have to helped out in the shop
me too sometimes also have to show face in the shop..haha but very rare lar..
all long top look like a dress for me..
lotsa reader saw me in person all got shock.. because they say i dun look that petite in my blog
indeed i am shortie pie with very small body..hahha
all my photos bluff


wearing, contrast collar pleated top (soon selling at Reverie)
random white short match with leopard bag and flat
oh ya i decide to give up fringe and say hi to my forehead!
is time to long bit mature..im gonna be 25 soon…cannot believe~
so exited my bestie is coming over my place for few days!!!
im gonna occupied her time with lotsa shopping, eating, chatting..
cannot wait already~

9 thoughts on “Hectic Week

  1. Hi Kim, ur skin looks great. mind sharing what brand of skincare products u r using? 🙂
    Btw, u look thinner compared to the photos in ur previous post!


  2. Sharon: haha my skin not good! the photo didn't really show my skin actual condition..ehhe but i use a product recommend by my facial salon..

    Janice: really but you look tall in your photo ler..seriously

    kiki:ya we can have more dress..:)

    Joslyn: ill be a small old women (小老人) soon..

    yan: hahah i was scare you discover im so ugly..and dun dare to say hi to me that day..:(

    anonymous: yes dear you just use hot curler to curl the end of you hair inwards..to create the result ya

    zoey: sure what can i help you dear? email me personally kim0921@gmail.com

    amelia: yaya me too.. that's y i seldom wear dress or buy dress online..i dun wan a knee length dress..:)
    thanks dear


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