Reverie- Online Store

hectic busy stress..
but is good in a way means i’m occupied with jobs
Thanks for the overwhelming response for the clothes im selling
is all sold out! Thanks so much! and so to the awesome suggestion for the name!!
i’ve made decision! *drumroll*
Linkas most of friend told me this project is my blood and sweat
should not just use it once..kinda wasted
yeap i decide to use back this name..thanks friends

wonder what im selling?
here a sneak preview..stay tune!
our first update will be on
Tuesday 7.30pm (psst..we cant wait so we make it earlier!)
and like our facebook page and stand a chance to win a secret gift!
i’ll also have a booth at chic pop!
come for more exclusive stuff and pre-love items..

32 thoughts on “Reverie- Online Store

  1. Hey 🙂 how come I can't access to your Reverie blog. Really looking forward to all the stuff u're updating tomorrow (= btw I'm your new reader 🙂 Love ur blog


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