Favourite color

random day out just feeling like dolling up..
i only have 1 day in a week to get dressed up so i treasure the day very much
until i have wardrobe crisis of don’t know which clothes to wear..
i spend 15min make up and hair and 1 to 2 hour decide what to wear! so ridiculous i know
coz i got lotsa nice stuff from suppliers and overseas..
i feel like wear each of them for outfit pictures…

some of you might saw my tweets that im gonna be back at blogshop
i stop because of my previous job and one of the reason is i can’t find nice stuff anymore to share with you girls..so i decide to pass it to my sis..
my theory always is i sell what i love or what i would wear out…
soon im gonna setting up another blogshop but yet decide the name..any suggestion?hehe

if you wonder what i’m selling? this is 2 of it in the list
lace back shirt, mustard bodycon..
mustard, orange, turquoise is my favorite color tone right now
and i just received my orange short from my supplier today..satisfied! its super pretty!

white too is in my favorite color list too!
what color is in your list?

thanks so much for the overwhelming response..:)

33 thoughts on “Favourite color

  1. U look pretty like always dear ! so pretty !
    i know i say it many times ady but i can't stop myself. lol.
    Is the top in bat-wings style ? pm me the skirt price k ? i want to see more ! :))


  2. Joleen:got it and reply ya!

    Bee: ya the skirt is good for you coz you're slim enough! hehe keep one for you ya..:)

    Evangeline: hi dear replied you ya! do check k yes ill be there having a booth too this time.. hope to see you too! come drop by k!

    ketty: where got!!not pretty lar got lotsa pimple pop out these day

    the top a little bat wings will pm you soon ya

    anonymous: thanks rosanna! long time nvr hear of you d..

    leafyan: yeah take five! ill try my best on the pricing k!


  3. You look so pretty! I can't wait for your new blogshop to open, if you're picking stuff that you'd wear I'd surely buy them 😀

    Ooh btw, blogshop name suggestion, Kim In Clothes lol!


  4. Kim you look so gorgeous as usual! Love your OOTD! (♥o♥) Can't wait for your new blogshop! I second ponnie's comment about the blogshop name XD

    By the way, please pm me the price of the skirt! love it max!


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