Latest Job

been working harder on weekend this month
photo shoot and video shoot are booked in weekend
kersian my boyfriend have to be there with me and spend his precious weekend
he has been really supportive and helpful..i love working with him..
we communicate and tolerant more at work..
thanks ney

photoshoot for luvpercent which going to launch tonight at 8pm
kiki also the owner of room 8008 offer us this chance to do shooting for their new collection!

aren’t they pretty…catch up their updates..the clothes are really nice!
they are doing wholesale and retail as well..

another commercial video shoot for a brand of my ex-colleague
we have great time at shooting! thanks peksi for this chance as well..can’t wait to do the post-production

the rest of the days ill be concentrate on blog and website design
below are some of the blog i did

and more to be launch…i enjoy doing blog so much…
especially when client are happy with my service and share me at their fb/twitter/blog

Tomorrow gonna be our 5th anniversary..
time flies i never thought we can have such a long relationship…we have not planned anything on celebrations
thankful heart for such a partner i have..

9 thoughts on “Latest Job

  1. Happy 5th anniversary to u and ur ney! Both of u so sweeeeeeet! I'm so envy~ haha.. =D
    I love all of ur blog design! Look so cute! <3
    may I know the price for design blog? hehe.. Thanks! =)
    Stay pretty always ya! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Happy Anniversary dear!!!! yaayyy!!!

    really love all your blog design!
    i wonder if i can request a free one? hahahahah okay ignore my silly request! :))


  3. Bb, Happy 5th Anniversary to you too! 🙂
    Thanks for everything that you gave into this relationship and always thanks God for this.
    Stay Happy always ya! 🙂

    ps : And also many thanks for the blessings from your lovely readers! Teheh


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