i love malacca
i was born there actually although i grow up in JB but i still have a special feeling about this place
have to visit at least once a year just to eat eat eat!!
i’ve been eating way too much last 3 weekend..time to keep fit and exercise

partner in crime…me, ney and his sister
do they look alike?

our favorite chicken rice ball
i dun mind queue in the hot sun just for 3 chicken rice ball

and best chap fan stall ever!! so cheap and every dish is so tasty!
especially the char sau and asam fish

not to forget outfit too
orange tee(trendreports), pink short (room 8008)
goi for really casual but bright coz im happy mah..ehhe

camho while waiting for the sister to do some shopping..

and a really nice cafe at jonker street..
we went in to have a tea break
nice, relax and affordable!!

ruffles sheer top: dots boutique, ripped short

things i brought RM10 hat from jonker street..hehe
gotta change the ribbon..

and so happy to see this did you play this in ur childhood? i play alot!
but i realize the chemical smell is really heavy wonder why we din notice that when we were young

nuvco and udc is having special giveaway contest!!!

with awesome pawsome gift from SPAIN and cash voucher!!! oh my can i keep all for myself???hhaa
try your luck and join the contest! its easy!
i’m so so grateful to have these generous blogshop owner who support!
although we are not famous they still wiling to give us a try and support us this way!
Thanks so much!!

read more about udc here!

2 thoughts on “malacca

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