Wedding Dinner

attend cousin’s wedding dinner at JB
been sometimes we never gather and i’ve not meet most of them for more than 2 years.. is queenie cousin whom i not met for more than 4 years!
but fb make us feel so close..haha

we grow up together and we spend every holiday together at singapore..

cousin mandy who love the back my dress so much

with mommy..

with newlyweds we are busy with my naughty cousins

Families.. they hardly gather and take pictures..
can’t wait for ah ma 90’s birthday dinner in September, time to let ah ma happy
Linkgot this super chili red dress sometimes ago from Styleinflux pre-order
but no chance to wear, elders love this dress coz its red!

hello forehead! haha
skin is getting slightly better but this picture is edited with app that irene introduce to me
super nice!!!

ok time to go back to work..

18 thoughts on “Wedding Dinner

  1. hi you come from jb or ur relatives are there? i think we are same class in omega tution last time! you become so pretty!


  2. hi kim,
    u really look nice on tat dress, as pretty as usual. =)
    by the way, will u feel insecure when wearing the dress? seems like quite loose since u r so skinny. =)


  3. amee:thanks amee:) yes chili red is nice

    kay: thanks dear

    hazel:hehe the groom as i told you in the mail..ya small small world

    anonymous:ya i came from jb de haha really?? i have my tution class in omega for vy long time..:)

    eunice: hi eunice, thanks! haha i actually alter it d originally its way bigger..but after alter become fitted ok for me

    ping: thx ping ping..enjoy ur trip!!

    evangeline: thanks dear..yaya more beaute!!poweful tools lo..hehhe

    anonymous: hi thanks so much im using 550D with external flash!

    leafyan: thanks sweetie!


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