hi i’m back..
sorry for not updating i’m busy with boyfriend birthday, trip, work, and sickness
Thanks God i’m recovered except the sexy voice and sore throat
the weather is crazy nowadays please take care yourself
dun fall sick easily like me.. drink lotsa water
this post is about yellowish pictures
haha.. pictures that took in mall will normally turn out like this..

obsessed with clutch and nice detail on the mini dress

eyelet mini dress: Honey Pumpkin // nude flair short: bkk //
crochet socks: daiso//envelop clutch: random blogshop

oh ya the boyfriend got his hair dye!! its a really big new for us..coz he always go no-no to hair dye and remember he threaten me abt my hair! and now he join the brown-hair group it is a break-thru for him..hahaha

was another meet up sweetie ketty on weekdays!
had a really great chatting, sharing and shopping session with her.. love it!
i love knowing friends thru blog! today i just met cutie irene..
you girls are just so lovely
i remember once i prayed to God that i need more girlfriends so i can share my thoughts, my buys, my life with..and yes He answer my prayers..
i treasure every each one of you

another yellowish pictures…

im gonna be outstation again this weekend..
gotta attend my cousin’s wedding at JB
i having too many pending stuff, sorry dear for those who i still owe you design/artwork/email or whatever i’ll catch up the pace please give me little more time..

10 thoughts on “Yellowish..

  1. Hi kim, I was sitting beside you and your bf this thursday in mid valley cinema watching Water For Elephants. didn't say hi to you as you don't know me >.< anyway always like reading your blog 🙂


  2. i love your blog! ive been reading forever but i just wanna ask where you get your clutch? im from the philippines and ive been looking for something like that all summer ^^



  3. cathy: hahha where got ya hope to meet u one day too! thanks for ur sweet mail!! you made my day1

    hoyoyi: sorry dear for really later reply the top got it sometimes ago ler..not selling d sorry ya

    anonymous: i got it from here

    yan: thanks yan, no lar small size like kanak kanak i think ur body is good enuf!!

    janice: haha really? so coincident!!nvm now i know you d let say hi next time?
    i love that movie!! 🙂

    venessa: thanks venessa, great to heard from you, i got it here am not sure whether they post internationally mayb you can try to ask ya

    karen: hi karen, i pre-order from here

    clara: hi dear i got it from daiso..:)


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