The genes

other than staying at home facing the computer and work whole day with my dear colleague PPS
sometimes i date friend or sister for shopping, lunch, catching up or anything!
just of getting doll up
one more thing i miss from working in the office is wake up every morning having headache what to wear! i simply love that kinda headache..haha
when i wear something i’m confident with i will happy whole day! and i buy buy buy to avoid serious headache..hehhe
i think this genes is from my mom too! and also my grandmother!
both of them loves to shop, my grandma use to buy at least one clothes per day and now my mum do the same thing she buy at least 3 pieces of top/bottom per week! when i ask her why buy so many! you wear new clothes to work everyday! and her clothes occupied half of my wardrobe!
you know what she told me? ” i love the smell of new clothes!” hahahha
oh my i couldn’t believe that come from my mom and that become my best excuse when i come back home with bags of new clothes or when postman keep sending me parcel!
she cant say anything!
but now i shop less! like so little! i think so much and so long before i made any purchase!
that the cons of doing freelance!!

see haha i prefer to sit outside the mall to smell fresh air! how can!haha
ignore that paper bag that’s the pressie i plan to gift mummy

i try not to try on any clothes while waiting for sister/friend in the fitting room
i choose to camho as i know once i tested i’m tempted!

and i always go home empty handed..
but i still go mall to get an idea what my favorite brand are selling..
i try to dig out clothes that i less wore last time mix and match with new items
i know you girls do notlike to see repeat outfit right!haha

crop polka dots top: bangkok
high waist short: Room 8008
love this short! always wanted a nice pair of black high waist short! its so versatile!
thanks kiki, Room 8008 i found one! wearing it so often..
platform wedges: Agape Boutique
red envelop clutch: handmade

super love this outfit pictures
my sis catch the moment im amaze normally this kinda angle i look short and un-proportional! have to frame this photo up..ahha jk

and i’m so blessed! i manage to survive last month, manage to pay all my commitment: cars, credit card, phone bill all by my freelance income and offering and also saving ! ihavesaving!
so Thankful! Thanks God!

again i do not know what coming up next in this month
all i do is have faith and believe..

ok i shall award myself tomorrow for hair dye/cut/treatment session and Ugly Duckling update tomorrow! im gonna get myself something!

17 thoughts on “The genes

  1. kim^^ you looks great your outfit and your hair style..

    its good to mix and match the cloths that less wear with the new one..hehehe..cause i also do that too..make other style..^^

    Oh..i m waiting for the uglyduckling update too..their cloths are so so nice..hope you get something you want^^

    all the best to you ^^


  2. Hey girl. Just wanted to let you know that natural lighting (first pic) really makes you look really beautiful. Loving the hair too! That pic is just awesome. 🙂


  3. Kim, i'm a shopaholic too and i keep shopping online and shop at boutique. The postman keep sending me parcel until he knows me already.. And sometimes i feel scare that one day i will become a 購物狂 and cannot control myself. So now i prefer more on mix and match my clothes with diff style.
    Usually i shop alone.. and it's so nice to have a fren/sis to date and shop together.. how i wish i have a sista who can share the joyful of shopping 😀
    And.. there are more and more business coming soon this month.. hehehe. just believe in yourself and it will happen =)

    love, janice


  4. You look amazing here dear ! become more and more pretty ! 🙂
    I also have the same think with you, my sis help me to take photos and make me look out of proportion or even look shorter, so she have to shoot many times from high angle to low angle. very tiring sometimes,somemore ppl will stare at us. haha.
    i remember you ever tweet about the handmade bible cover, izzt ready for sell ? can I have one ? 🙂


  5. Joyce: Thanks dear!! yeah that's the best way to save money..:)

    take care joyce~

    Anonymous: Thanks!

    Celine: oh hi celine so surprise to see you here! yeap all thanks to the lighting!

    Hazel: thanks hazel!

    Ann: no no im not..not all the pictures are nice..

    Kylie: hehe ya she dig our clothes to wear quite often!

    Amee: haha yes dear i have a very cute and loving mummy!

    evageline: ya still cant believe she told me this.. haha

    peiyun:hi dearie! sometimes she mad at me too..but i think she is more of jealous haha

    huiwen: still cannot..:( coz the quality and stiching still not reach that standard yet..:(

    catherine: hi i got vy vy long ago from peep boutiques.. no longer available..:(


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