Random Wednesday~

all the collars are done and send out today..:)
before all are send out i decide to take some pictures for them
since the natural sunlight in living room is so nice today..

black crochet collar

beige collar with white crochet..

i have red and pink polka dot for myself.. but not complete yet
still open for order ya..

since i have the light, the props and everything ready
not to waste the effort i take out more stuff to shoot

Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub
& body Moisturizer spray from Sephora, love their retro pink packaging so much..
i have really really dry skin especially my legs are super duper dry
and the skin cracks like snake skin sometimes.. geli right
and this
Flake Away Scrub‘s tagline(“Transform your scary leg from reptilian to Radiant!”) attract me to buy it! its exactly what i needed..
been using it for more a week..the result are yet to be seen..
hope it work out well on me..:)

got my vintage brown clutch at really good price! love it max..

and i need more..so i try to sew myself like what i mention last post
but im not selling it coz its still not perfect yet.. i need to search for better inner card..

another sewing product chiffon maxi and short inner lining
still finding a chance to wear it out..:)
and below are really random stuff i shoot

doll gifted by Patty
Linkrandom leopard sunglasses and Vintage clock chain from The Old Blossom

random flag i made for deco.. & conceptual shooting..

and a photo frame boyfriend brought me sometimes ago is replace with new photo of us
his birthday is coming.. still stuck with the pressie and where to celebrate.. 😦 and mother’s day too!

oh ya! remember to support NUVCO.NET

13 thoughts on “Random Wednesday~

  1. hi sweetie, love ur blog until MAX!!!
    may I know which camera are you using?
    the picha quality looks great!!

    Gal ❤


  2. Anonymous: no prob sweetie!! will certainly shout here if the scrub working well or not!hehe

    Chenelle:Thanks pretty.. u have a great blog too!! im so tempted to go travel!!!and you are oh-so-pretty!!!

    Lizzy: i got it here http://sistersclosette.blogspot.com/ not sure whether they still have it!!! love it max i wan another one or two and more!hehhe

    Shevin: hello babe!! i got it from a bazaar some random dunno-wht-name vendor..hehe! 🙂

    Evangeline: sure dear..thanks so much for the word!! ok im gonna work for more stuff to sew!

    peiyun: hi there sweetie! i still owe u a mail do i? replied ya!so sorry for late reply!

    Anonymous: so flattened to hear that gal!thanks so much!
    im using canon 550D with 50mm lens to shot all these ya..:)

    Janice: hehe so great to hear that ler! im starting to sew ur other order d.. wait for me ya!

    Minx: RM28 plus postage ya

    Joleen: hahah but its quite sometimes ago when i really plan smth big or with heart for him d..must do good this year not to give him excuse!ehhe

    yun: yeap dear selling it mail me kim0921@gmail.com for more info k..;)


  3. Hi I am quite curious. Did you make and 'cut' out the shape of peter pan collar using normal-shaped cloth?? 🙂 Or we can actually buy the default shape and edit it ourselves? a Hope you get what I mean. Haha I am really interested in making one for myself!


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