when i’m lazy

im sure you’re tired looking at me having make up and dress up properly right
and getting really bored with outfit post with full of my me..
here today i feeling bold and wanted to show you some ugly of me..

i do have time feeling lazy to make up and dress up..

without face coz my expression look really cannot…

haha.. hope you will not get shock and spoil your friday after looking at me
ok enough of me

let you see smth really nice!
my second collaboration with de.blue!

i love concept thingy..
honestly i feel natural shooting in park or garden is kinda boring
thanks elvin and connie for giving me this chance accepting my proposal and be bold with family portraits!
this time we play sailor nautical !!
since it summer season and i think this theme quite suitable for young family
fun, young and cute!
i enjoy creating and searching up and down for props
they are so cute right?
and of coz a great photographer shoot amazing photos! Thanks shuwan!

video will coming soon real soon..:)

14 thoughts on “when i’m lazy

  1. hahahahah~my friday has been cheers by u as u now im study hard for my final,kinda boring! look at ur blog was more interesting than those books =p btw,the kids are cute and u as well! i think even u show ur face oso wont c the big diff^^


  2. kim..u still look nice without make up and dress up..^^ not getting bored with your post..owh..and the kids are so cute ^^ nice picture


  3. actually i'm tired whenever i open your blog and no new post! hahahahah…

    even with no dress up no make up, u still very inspiring. i mean it 😀


  4. Kylie: haha really! got ar big diff! coz i look very bad mood in most of the pictures..

    All the best in your final k! God bless you kylie..

    Joyce: hahah thanks joyce! yes there are so cute right

    Yvon: thanks Yvon

    Peiyun: hahha i tot u really feel tired reading my blog.haha so scare ok! btw thanks dear will try to blog more more more..


  5. oh you can wear those baseball top too! never see you wear boyish clothes ler!

    the kids are adorable!the concept is something really new~ cool!


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  7. Joleen: haha yeah i can vy boyish sm times!hahha so syiok ar haha wei the thing i sent out d ya..:)

    bee: got lor..haha i cannot go thru myself putting the head haha paiseh!

    lizzy: thanks dear..will try!

    frolic: oh the top it got it really long time ago from a site that i forget the link..:( so sorry dear


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