Peter Pan Collar New Owner & Boe love

Time to pick a winner, everyone is equally awesome!!!
to make this fair, gotta use this random number generator to generate out the lucky one!!
everyone is given a number accordingly as below..

1. Carol / 2. Janice/ 3. mei ping/ 4. Blur Pei /5.Amelia/ 6.Sha-ron/ 7.Ryokobunny/ 8.sherlyn /9. Ping Ping /10.Mint/ 11.Shatirah/ 12.MinYen/ 13.Cuiℱanℊ / 14. Ashley/ 15.Weiwen / 16.m@y-in /17.Boe /18.Syndy /19. Angel

Congrats to Shatirah from Dstation!!

Thanks for all the feedback!! i read every single one and put it in mind!!!
i’ll try my best to improve and blog more…
for those who was not picked dun sad k! i promise if i will do more handmade stuff in future for giveaway section! if you really interest to get it email for make to order, thanks!

tadaa.. girly girly tea session with cutie boe at full house
at first kinda phobia of this place..because this the place my ex-company have shooting
dun like the place and the food but i have admit is a great place for photoshooting lar..
since our plan A cafe close down so last min we choose full house
and because of this cute girl i dun care where we gonna meet! haha
thanks for her bf who took all the photo for us so sad i did brought my dslr along but not the memory card! *punch self*
enjoy talking with her!! must meet more k..:)
wearing: cardi: cotton on, peterpan collar sheer top: Ugly Duckling, bow front short: online, straw briefcase & moccasin flat : JB
new place at home for outfit photo! *happy*

5 thoughts on “Peter Pan Collar New Owner & Boe love

  1. Boe: 🙂

    joyce: thanks dear.. really??!?! so happy to heard that but sorry i din update everyday..:(

    kylie: whr got young..hahah photo cheat one!! u are cute!!:)


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