Time for a break

just wake up from a nap.. Thanks God no more headache for me
starting my freelance life
i try to be discipline go to bed and wake up like normal working people..
and i have a human alarm clock to call and ask me to go to bed and wake me up in the morning that’s my boyfriend..
so far so good! hope it last long ~
of coz i still watch pps and chatting while doing job hehhe..i love multitasking..
i eat lunch with pps, relax with pps while reading online magazine..
pps is my colleague at work!
i do miss my ex-colleague at work get dress up for work, chatting while doing job..

i only have weekend to go out of the house to have some fresh air and sunshine and dress up..
taking photos and spending time with boyfriend is a must..
we only get to spend time together on saturday..
Sunday will always for friends..hehe since i will not have monday blue anymore
no matter how tired after sunday services ill still have some times with friends..
and let the boyfriend go back home alone for sunday nap..

although i have not much job on hand
but miracle always happens..right after i prayed..
job started to come in..prayers are powerful..Praise God
i always believe that doing freelance is all about surrender and have faith
i will not know will it be enough for me to survive by end of the month but one thing i know
i will surely Thanks God for everything at the end of the day..
His Grace is Enough for me

today met my ex-colleague for a project brief..
its fun and something that we did before like Reverie,
hope the collaboration turn out well
im so blessed with people who believing in me around and giving me support

such a random post about my thoughts right now
okie outfit:
white lace top (boutiques), ripped denim (Queen La Moss), shoe (Vincci Accessories)

will try to blog more~
noted down all my thoughts and feeling

19 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. Eunice: Thanks dear!!! commented on ur blog!! still so thankful for featuring!

    bee: thanks bee bee

    evangeline: hi dear nope i got it from old blossom box last year

    alicia: Thanks alicia! haha dun envy i might end up eating glass ahhaa

    yvon: thanks dear yvon! 🙂

    Joanne: awh great to meet u too dear! so sweet of u!

    sweetigem: its PJTC! nice place..

    Yan: Thanks yan!!

    Joyce: really? thanks~


  2. i feel that you are a nice, sweet and sincere girl even though i do not know you and only from reading your blog. i wish i can also have courage to quit my good pay job and find something that i always wanted to do… let's jiayou!^^


  3. Sweetiegem: yes dear PJ Trade Center

    Eva: ya super nice place for picture!! and hang out!

    Angel: so happy to hear that angel!!yeah let's jia you to persuade our dream!!!

    cryst: awh whr got! u look even gorgeous!!

    hayley: thanks hayley! :)thanks for your love! hugz


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