11 thoughts on “Lotsa outfit

  1. sharon: hi sharon, its actually belong to my sister she got it from bkk ya..:) ya me too wanna get one in green..for now only seen at zara.. but too expensive for me..

    anonymous: hi dear its a jumpsuit i actually sell it at last chic pop..:)

    sherlyn: Thanks sherlyn!:)


  2. Hi dear, it is really nice combination and nice shooting. U got great taste in fashion. Salute u and will support u. Btw, how do u get such a nice indoor shoot? By urself too? I always wanted to shoot indoor but always very bad in lighting. Appreciate if you can share . 😛


  3. hi jes: thanks for ur words!! no im way to go..hehhe
    ya for this indoor shooting i do at my hse living room with white cloth as backdrop..
    ya i agree indoor always have lack of lighting for photographer wht i do is only find a place that have direct sunlight..:) you do it urself too!


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