Random happy thing

Happy thing #1
farewell dinner with favorite colleague
yy and yun

satisfied our korea crave at Bon Ga, solaris Mont Kiara

we are 3 happy resigned staff
yy my ex-am, loving, caring and sweet! haha i know you’re reading! im telling the truth!
so happy to see her again today! even more pretty!hhaha..feel happy from bottom of my heart..

yun my partner in crime..
we always have big issue to discuss during office hour and we will meet at a secret place..haha
All the best in future and keep in touch ok! love you girls!

Happy thing #2

Finally met patty, lullabelle owner my client too..
she is so talented in doing natural handmade product..
i got this natural lip gross with my own printing on it for my ex-colleague as farewell gift
hope they love it.. and patty also give me her handmade soap product and a very cute hp chain as a gift to me..so sweet of her..

Happy thing #3
since i’m starting my freelance life..
i need a proper workplace for me to sit there whole day..
so i clean up my messy table and my territory are

although my dream of having my own room is not gonna come true so soon
but i’m thankful enough..

table for miscellaneous stuff

random storage and bag place..
i really hope my freelance last at least enough for me to pay installment
i offer blog revamp, graphic design, or anything you need to design feel free to contact me
kim0921@gmail.com or visit here for my portfolio

Happy thing #4
since i have more time for myself is time to do something i wish and want to do
feel so thankful that i manage to gather a few chinese ed blogger to contribute in a portal
thanks you so much for giving me chance babes~
basically we do sharing about fashion, lifestyle, event and anything..
and this is the reason why i ask do u girl know mandarin..hehe thanks so much for your feedback…

i dunno how far this project will go..but ill try my best to make it work out..
yes we are not expert just simply sharing about what we know and what we love…
if you’re interested to be part of us please let me know!
will be launching this sunday..stay tune ya!

stay happy~

14 thoughts on “Random happy thing

  1. Hi, I'm a secret reader of your blog. I'm so excited and really looking forward to your big project!!! All the best!! too bad i'm not a blogger, lol.



  2. Ryokobunny:thanks so much!!!:)

    Kylie: really???! glad to hear that!!

    Zi: Hello zi, im so happy to hear that!smile from my heart.hhehe..nvm reader have privilege too!!

    Juney: nvm dear..ill post a traslate one here..and believe all my contributor will do the same at their blog..:)

    yvone: hey dear send you a mail!! thanks so much!!!hugz

    Evangeline: Thanks girl!! will add oil ya.. u too..


  3. hey kim i am ur blog reader for number of years …just wan to know that whether u are still doing online boutique business?


  4. Creative busy bee: thanks dear! 🙂 thank you so much!!

    cheryl: 真的吗?当然可以啊!那你可以send 我email 哦! 告诉你详情。。

    anonymous: for the meantime nope..but sooner will let you know ya!


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