Awesome Experiences!

been thru a very busy week..
right after my resignation have to settle my stuff, cut hair, facial, farewell/celebration dinner
all this happen in 1 and half day..and i use another half day to get few stock and prepare my clothes for chic pop 7! super duper busy..but this are all worth!

love this photo so much!
our partner of the day, we share the booth..
yun, my ex-colleague was selling nice accessories

they are such a funny couple..
we enjoy our chatting, laughing most of the time..time just pass so fast!

haha my first shopper..sisters from Little Paris Dressbook
digging pre-loved stuff..

our booth..
thank you so much for dropping by and say hi to me!
*appreciate* thanks thanks thanks!

young and sweet readers!
sorry i didn’t ask for your name! comment and let me know ok?hehe..

ketty love..
great to spend some times with her..hehe always love to talk and shop with you

pretty sherlyn the doll
love her fair skin!

lovely nicole!!!
meet her for the first time! she say such a darling.. hope you love the blazer!

Sweet Selena!
such a cute shoe u have..

lovely boe!
who getting prettier and prettier..remember to come out for yum cha

ex-Poney..hehe we’re kinda proud of it..

and city girl from kampungboycitygal !!love reading their blog..

supper cute sisters! Irene & Stella!
visit Little Paris Dressbook
for lotsa chiffon, pale pastel their style..hehe

same shoe with irene!

love this pictures..

see i said we spend a lot of times chating
let the man do the job..haha

did a few style shot till i forget to take my own one only have this

photo credit to garbage lapsap
wearing ruffles top: dots boutique
velvet skort:Sungai Wang
black belt: peeps boutique, online
H&M Cluth, Topshop ankle shop, and miu miu inspired heel

Thanks TIC for such a great event for us to gather and buy great stuff, and boyfriend who spend whole day there with ya!
of coz thanks God i feel know so many of you thru blog!

23 thoughts on “Awesome Experiences!

  1. OMG ! I look so damn ugly here !!!! awal-awal tau I snap 1 more pic for back up. hahaha. anyway, really spend a great time with you Kim. Hope we can really come out and drink to talk more and spend some quality time 🙂


  2. Yvon: u went??? nvm next time k!

    Chole:haha really i pretend only! you should come over! never meet u before!hehe

    janice:no problem janice! im addicted selling clothes at bazaar planing to go more bazaar..ehhe sure will have next time!
    thanks ya dear..hugs

    bee: sayang sayang..nvm next time k! nth really much to buy lar..haha an wei myself oso..:)

    anonymous: i pre order from lush serendipity

    ketty: ok wht whr got ugly i look ugly in most of the pic oily and tiring..some more eyeliner smash d..haha yaya must come out okok now very free i organize! haha..:)

    jess: ya is a really nice dress she got!i asked her ya..when she reply will leave the answer here again k..:)


  3. i love ur heels! but huhh i read from NOS tat seems like quite alot ppl complaining abt lush serendipity. not sure if u know the owner or not.. just wanna ask how do u feel about their's service? feel like preordering from them too but u know.. abit scared by the words from ppl.


  4. Dear i saw your outfit photo in several fashion site too! not surprise at all because your outfit really outstanding! Great job! you're really friendly and lovely!


  5. ron: yes i heard of that too..but the services is ok for my purchase shoe reach sooner than expected.. owner is kinda fast in replying my can give it a try but if you're worry you can try this shop not bad too..:)

    Joleen: hehe thanks're damn fast!u read those online magazine every moment izzit? haha anyway thanks! hugz..


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