Chic Pop 7

i’ve been all the chic pop bazaar…
i always go as a shopper..with different different kaki/patners
but this time im gonna be vendor!
hehe..ill be selling a lot of stuff.. brand new from oversea
/pre-love from RM15!! come help me clear my wardrobe!
will selling this imported old rose blazer and black ripped high waist short!

only selling the 1 and only piece coz i kept one for myself!

super love this awesome piece of blazer!
i wore this out today and more than 3 girls asking where i got it from!

versatile black high waist always girls best friend!

come and greet me at chic pop…i wun bite..ehhehe..
a simple hello make my day~

see you there~

27 thoughts on “Chic Pop 7

  1. Urgghh.. such a waste that I can't go to Chic Pop dis weekend. I'll be away =(
    Anyway though, hope you will have a great sale.
    p/s: I super love your blog and your fashion. Keep it up!


  2. love that blazer! *o* so where you bought it from? XD Can I buy it from u online lol cause the bazaar is kind of far from my place T_T


  3. HEY, it has been awhile since I last posted a comment! Don't know whether you still remember me :/

    Will definitely drop by at your booth if I'm going.
    I'm sure you'll be selling lotsa pretty and awesome goodies!


  4. Dear Kim, love the old rose blazer, =)
    Hope you will be more cheerful after resigned from work ^^
    Can't go to chic pop tomorrow… so sad T.T
    Always hope to meet u in person one day 😀
    Take care ~
    love, janice


  5. I love your old rose blazer. so sad that its the last and only piece and i can't make it for chic pop 7!

    Enjoy your day and may you have great sales
    With love from your biggest fashion fan! 😀


  6. Dear all sorry the blazer and shorts are all sold out..there's possibility to restock im in the midst of discussing with my dealer..will keep you girls update ok!



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