Icthy hand

my blog become so boring, but im trying to update more rather than once a week
i only have outfit to share no life to share haha
i’m a boring girl with boring life
monday to friday work like cow, at night do freelance stuff Friday night go cellgroup
Saturday if din date girlfriend and the boyfriend is working then ill prefer to stay in and complete my freelance job, i’m a 宅女
Sunday go to church half day then nap and dinner
so boring right?!
so hard to find a time to dress up
for working, normally i dress very casual coz everyone dress like tat in the office
colleague from other department keep telling me that why i look so pale and ‘chan’ throughout the whole year
i dunno why but seems like everybody turn out to be like tat after working here for sometimes..
and we agree that after submitting our resign letter we will become prettier and back to normal right at that moment…we feel lighter!

being girly
this the only clear images
that day i drop our camera on the floor when im busy bqq’ing
and now the internal flash can’t be opened anymore..:( guilty max
time for external flash i think…

blur but i like

this shoe shop at the back selling really nice flats!
wearing eyelet with lace detail crop top, pleated skirt, bag from sis, flora wedges..

1. Flora jumper- Miss Selfidge
i wonder where all my flora thingy went
2. Flora Dress- Zara
3. peeo toe wedges- Joyce shop
4. Peach Blouson Blouse- Miss Selfidge
i’ve tried this! almost brought it..but..
5. full skirt
7. crochet flar-Topshop
this is so cute! like baby shoe!
8. big envelop clutch- Joyce Shop
9. Aztec Print Sleevless Gilet -Topshop
love the print!
10. Red Trouser- Topshop
i wonder am i dare to wear this..

i can only stare at these pretty stuff cannot buy! coz i gotta save for coming battle!
i hope i can sew my own clothes/dress so i can save yet having new clothes!

need your help! just a short and small question how many of you can read/write mandarin???

30 thoughts on “Icthy hand

  1. i cannot read nor write in mandarin!
    i'll be upset if you're going to write fully in mandarin 😦

    i abso love all your outfits 😀

    working life can be so draining huh.


  2. love your sweet style always ! so dreamy !love to read your blog !
    i can read and write in Chinese!
    and the envelope clutch you can find it at Fblock-leisure mall too,it just cost 40++ bucks !


  3. hi i am a secret reader of yours
    please! your blog is not boring at all, i seriously enjoy every single post you did!
    i cant read or write in mandarin either!
    Good luck in your future career


  4. noted and thanks so much for the feedback!!! *appreciated*

    Yup the shoe shop name Tiamo (Korea Designer) under Bonita, store located at The Gardens opposite Starbucks..

    Flora wedges i got from random stall for RM25 only but supper comfy!i believe its a Thai fair thingy..

    The Eyelet top i got it from a shop in FB i forget the link..but it was last year when i brought..


  5. i can read and write in mandarin as well.
    My colleague also asked me the same thing.They asked me why i looked so cham comparing to the first day when i just enter the company.I like your outfit post~


  6. hello sweetie! yea im following ur blog finally,it is awesome blog!! enjoy to c ur outfit photo n ur fashion view! lovely~~~~~
    p/s: i can read n write mandarin as well^^


  7. Anonymous: i dun always shop online already..:(

    Janet: take care ya janet! hope u find satisfaction in ur work!

    Ashley: oi thanks darl!

    Kylie: thanks dear! *touched*

    Anonymous: i got it imported from bkk..thanks!
    thanks dear!


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