Pancake crave

meeting violet dear for girl outing..
always wanted to blog about our date
but i loss the photos last sad!and finally i manage to blog this time
she is one of my favorite girl in secondary school
had our late lunch at Paddington pancake
apparently both our boyfriend do not like this pancake
so we take this opportunity to fulfill our pancake crave
happy violet with yummy pancake..
the lighting is too dim for pictures..
our dessert
mix fruits dollar pancake
Bacon & Egg Galetes
Thanks dear for the great day!!! so coincidence we are looking for baby clothes for friend’s baby
enjoy the baby’s stuff shopping together so much!!!
love this bag from Creampuff Wardrobe
(great place to dig vintage goodies!)
Shoe from vincci accessories
kinda regret didn’t work there..they stuff are getting more n more tempting!
Crochet top from Bluey Joyce
and this apricot crochet high waist short from teetoo, sunway pyramid!
super love this short..the crochet is so matchy with the top..hehe

my heart goes with the people in japan,
earthquake and natural disaster happening here and matter how smart or how good is man trying to prevent or predict, we cant fight against God’s plan everyday is a gift

let’s pray for Japan
Blessed week…

5 thoughts on “Pancake crave

  1. Agree!! The new things from vincci are so gorgeous. and I actually just bought 2 earrings and a bangle frm there. Love you shoes btw! I thought about buying the black/white one :))


  2. love the color that u match! u look cute and sweet in the outfit! wish to go girly outing with you!
    yes human are helpless when disaster struck


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