Can’t get enough leopard stuff

woohoo another 12 days to be free from work.. can’t wait! i have so many plans and things to do although i’m not sure which one is gotta work

i know spring is here but im still in love with brown, black, khakis and of coz leopard thingy been wearing this lotsa times but nvr took a proper outfit shoot, hopefully starting april i can post my outfit weeklyi look very pale here.. like no make up but i still love over-explosure..

Chiffon top: Ugly Duckling, Ripped short: Queen La Moss\

leopard crazy-flat: vincci, bag: online, scaft: sungai wang

1 thing wanna share , i try this yu ren sheng Puri5 fiber drink…coz i always have digestion problem..i dun go toilet (big) quite often.. and this fiber thingy really help a lot!! like so effective of coz not immediately but right after 8 hour i gotta visit toilet for sure…while having this i eat less drink a lot of water and a little exersices now almost 2 week i loss some promotes digestion and absorption really well! at least for me it is…hopefully i do not need to rely on it after 1 month ..go try if you have same problem as mine..

7 thoughts on “Can’t get enough leopard stuff

  1. Janice: Thanks janice dear..

    anonymous: i rmb i brought it at RM138 if not mistaken..:)

    ketty: heheh actually not tat long de i do cheap 1 haha..yeah let go together lar! want wan?


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