Girl Scout

my cousins from singapore and perth are here to meet us
so we take them around town doing nothing but shopping and a lot of shopping
i wonder is there any tourist place in KL they can visit..but we just cant think of any..

pavilion the must visit mall they love it..
ya singapore/aussie have more place to shop but the convert rate is the tempting part i think

meet sister tien surprise she’s wearing same color scheme with me..
my cousin from aussie this was our 1st meet surprise no?hehe
long long family stories..

favourite cousin..she just like a big sister to all of us..whenever we went to singapore she will always bring us out buy us stuff and feed us good food..
finally she here visit us so we try our best to entertain her..hehe

i look so sad
wearing scarf from Topshop, scallop trim Topshop, pleated navy short, bag & belt and shoe from bkk

another 1 month no is 3 weeks to be exact before i left this company
gonna plan my future.. and pray hard
have to pick out daily devotion back

oh ya
Happy Birthday Sweetie Violet! cant wait to meet you this saturday~
May God bless you and enjoy ur day with ur love one! hugz..

10 thoughts on “Girl Scout

  1. Hi love, like the you you knotted your scarf! 😛

    Btw, I would like to talk more about my blog layout, but couldn't find your email! Email me at crescent_masquerade[at],okie? 🙂


  2. Hi kim, love your outfit here! <3 I'm going KL next month too.. can I know where are the must go places? Is Bangsar worth going? Thanks babe! :)



  3. Evangeline: thanks!

    Annoymous: haha yeah lotsa ppl say that too..:)

    Hui wen: Thanks! so happy to hear that from my fashion guru..hehe
    mailed ya 🙂

    JY: hey, Thanks so much!

    Angel: pavilion is a must.. yes bangsar another place to visit!sungai wang and times square for lower range stuff..:)
    Enjoy ur stay here in KL!

    Hyoyi: thanks dear! nvr heard of it b4! okok must visit! tqvm!hugz


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