Random dinner

La Risata, Ampang

kinda love their interior..

been eating alot and loss control these day
gaining lotsa kgs..

he say he like this photo and i like it too

Insalata di rucola ezucca
sald with roasted pumkin, pinenuts and cheese…

Spaghetti con arracosta
spaghetti with lobster, chili & olive oil

ney’s order
Bracioline D’agnello
Grilled lambchop

the food is ok for us..
but this spoil everything

creme brulee
we do not like this too sweet and greasy or maybe we are too full for this…

there have nice retro looking seating area…

thanks boyf for the great night..

and random little present he got for me..

see i told you i gain weight see my leg! haih..cannot gotta eat less and exercise
wearing leopard sheer top, rosette skirt (old blossom box) & cluth (h & m)

so exhausted been spending 2 days out with cousins from singapore and aussie
but its all worth!
enjoy the time talking and shopping with them! i love family gathering!

and end with this vain picture of my
i seldom look good with flash but this is the one out of so many
so must post hehe..and the hair is love thanks to my hair stylist who take 1 hr to blow this hair
shall off to bed.. i slept less than 5 hour this weekend! and no..tml have to work!!!

7 thoughts on “Random dinner

  1. As usual, nice outfit you have kim =) I dun think you gain weight lar.. or maybe is the angle problem. Btw exercise is good, especially for ppl who less sweating or dun sweating at all after working life. Eat more and exercise more ❤
    love, janice


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