Interested no?

got few pieces of nice stuff from my friend from oversea
she is kinda enough to go to all the troble in order to sent out this parcel of clothes to me
i grab a few so here are those that i wan to share with you girls..
wondering why am im not selling it in trendreports?
hehe i wanna give you girls privilege mah and one of the reason is because my sis is doi the business there so i don’t wanna kacau her
might starting up a new blog shop bringing exclusive stuff from oversea..
so please stay tune..

Mostly are topshop inspired tell you what they even have the excatly topshop label on

Topshop inspired Leopard sheer top with zip
(-last piece- pending)

Topshop inspired peterpan collar sheer dress
(sold 2 each color left 1 each color) grab it fast..
i think i should take better pictures for this dress..

Chiffon scallop wing top
(-sold out-)

Pleated skirt
(-sold out-)

lastly pleated skirt/short in navy
(-sold out-)

very limited pieces for each design
email me for price if you’re

oh ya now i have Photobucket no more hosting failure!!!*happy*
have a blessed weekend!!!

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