Rêverie (Daydream)

i though this might be another daydream i had
but no i make it true and complete..Thanks God
is not about how great is the design, pictures, video
is about how to make a dream come true..
i shall continue daydream and surrender my dream to God
Rêverie-beige dress Rêverie-beige mix match
Reverie divided to 3 series..you can differentiate from the garment and backdrop design
Rêverie-turqious mix match
color scheme are turquoise, pale pink and beige
Rêverie-crochet trim dress2
main detail are crochet trim, scallop hem, pleated
Rêverie-crochet trim dress

Rêverie-pale pink top
really grateful to have shuwan from de.blue as the photographer
thanks for all the great pictures
Rêverie-black collar (pleated top)
the 3rd series are more energetic, fun and young..
Rêverie-scallop trim(top)
Thanks bee for being really supporting..
she handle every different mood and pose very very well…
Rêverie-black collar (pleated top2)
i think i should credit tea & sympathy for this collar
got it last year..
Rêverie-turqiouse scallop dress

oh ya..Reverie manage to enter
Book of Malaysia Creative Talent
Rêverie-scallop trim(top2)
love her perfect feature

above are part of the pictures..
for more photos please click and watch this video
would really appreciate that you can spend little times on it..
hope you enjoy the photos and video

24 thoughts on “Rêverie (Daydream)

  1. Seriously, i really love yor Rêverie (Daydream), really impressed. I have watched the video for few times..LOL. The model, costumes, styling and backdrop designs are perfectly matched. Simple but yet so beautiful. Kim, honestly you have the talent to be fashion designer/image consultant one day. Keep on pursuing your passion and keeping a great attitude, your efforts will get paid off. God will guide you the way. Hope your dream come true. Love, Janice


  2. “is not about how great is the design, pictures, video
    is about how to make a dream come true..” I am totally agree with this!!! Kim..you are awesome..you have the courage..the passion to make your dream come true! I am so happy for you!! and 1 day I wish I can be like you..have the courage and passion to make my dream come true too!!! *tears*


  3. The model, the photographer, the concept, the video, the clothing, the set, the props, and everything else blend so well together! you are absolutely great, kim! go for your dream! 🙂


  4. hey, i thank God for your talent! i believe He has a big plan for you in your life. Continue to excel in your work and glorify Him with the talent he has given you. Great concept and effort~! keep us updated 🙂


  5. It's great to see you achieve your dream ! We're so blessed to read your blog and learn from you Kim ! Love the color mood, with pastel color ❤ So inspired by you 🙂


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